4 tips for a more mindful festive season

Christmas can be a magical time of year can’t it? A chance to celebrate with friends and family and enjoy good food and festive traditions. But for many of us it can also bring challenges; feeling frazzled and overwhelmed, the pressure to be constantly jolly and bright, or sadness thinking of loved ones we can’t be with.
However you feel about Christmas, being a little more mindful can make the good times feel even more meaningful, and the harder times easier to bear.

Plastic Free Gifts

At Fairtrade at St Michaels, we try our best to tread lightly on this planet, and we know that many of our customers share our ethos! However, there are many people out there who are not so eco-minded – not because they don’t care about the environment, but because they don’t realise how delicious, stylish, […]