Holy Lama

Holy Lama Naturals’ factory is based in Kerala, one of the greenest places on earth. Being in balance with nature is not only part of Ayurveda, on the basis of which most of our products are formulated, but we also work hard to meet our social responsibilities. Be it fair wages, good working conditions, the packaging we use or the ingredients we source.

The raw materials used for manufacture are sourced primarily from local farmers in Kerala and rest of India, building upon over seven decades of strongly-established relationships with farmers. The business runs on a no-credit principle, meaning all farmers and raw material suppliers are paid immediately. The factory pays fair wages to staff, and fair prices to the farmers. In developing communities, there is sometimes an inequality in wages for men and women; but, as a female-centric enterprise, Holy Lama Naturals ensures equal pay irrespective of gender.

We are conscious about our planet, and our sustainable life cycle reflects that. We make products using natural ingredients but also using sustainable business practices that do not harm the environment.