Our founding values of quality, integrity and fair trading, as well as our rich family heritage are still absolutely central to the way we do business today. Unrefined sugars of the highest quality, which we’re proud to produce, retain more of the cane sugar’s natural depth of colour and flavour. Billington’s unrefined brown sugars are produced at source, with the aim of locking in, rather than refining out, the natural molasses of the sugar cane. It is this difference that gives Billington’s its unique richness, aroma, depth of flavour and natural colour. By adding genuine value through processing and packing in the country of origin, Billington’s ethically sourced sugars have made an important difference, contributing significantly to the welfare of the people by providing employment and livelihoods for many in Mauritius. We source our products with integrity, working with partners who adhere to our high ethical, technical and social standards.