Loofco Washing up Pad


Made from the loofah plant with cotton string.

Each durable pad will last for months and when worn out can be composted.

Each pad measures approximately 13cm x 8cm loofah in packaging with a convenient cotton hanging string.

Flattened for transport to save space.

Suitable for vegans

LoofCo Washing-Up Pads are hand-made in Egypt from loofah plant and cotton string. A 100% biodegradable alternative to plastic washing-up sponges. The Washing-Up Loofah Pad fits neatly into the hand & when immersed in water swells up to become a soft, spongy and flexible pad. It's soft enough for non-stick pans and supple enough to fit into mugs.
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About NatBrands

We founded NatBrands Ltd in 1999 with the sole purpose of sourcing and distributing natural and sustainable household and personal care products. Our Mission is to seek out and develop unique household, lifestyle and personal care products that we can use ourselves and recommend to others. Products must be ethically and sustainably produced, emphasising natural plant-based ingredients and traditional methods and respect for the planet and all who inhabit it. We respect our suppliers and customers and seek to develop strong and lasting relationships. We do not waste resources on expensive air travel and embrace the technology that allows us to keep in touch with our wonderful suppliers in the UK and overseas. We are committed to trying to have a positive impact on the environment. LoofCo is our own brand of washing-up pads and brushes that celebrates two sustainable and versatile resources, loofah and coconut. Reducing plastic pollution is a priority and we strive to develop and champion products that make this easy.

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