We are happy to act as a resource centre where possible for pupils, teachers, project leaders, public speakers, students etc. Through our local networks we may be able to point you in further directions for support.


We have A4 and A3 posters available to give away or loan – these include:

  • Poster pack – How far will your coffee take Rosette? Nicolas goes further for your chocolate, Go beyond bananas, Go further for Fairtrade.
  • Posters about cotton, Brazil nuts and chocolate.
  • “Identify the object” laminated quiz posters.
  • Fairtrade around the world poster – suitable for schools.
  • “Drink it” “Spice it” etc, A5 posters, laminated.
  • Selection of laminated posters for displays.


We have lots of information bookets/flyers that you can use at events and display stands. Including:

  • What is fairtrade?
  • Fairtrade explained
  • Not all fairtrade is created equal
  • Where are you in the picture
  • More than skin deep – fairtrade beauty products
  • Church Action Guide 2013 – How far will you go further for fairtrade?
  • Faith in action -Traidcraft in your church
  • Fairtrade at work
  • Fairtrade in your school
  • Are you a fairtrade school?


Available to loan. Including:

  • “The Traidcraft Tea Story” 2010, plus Tea Quiz Q and A sheets
  • “The Geobar Story”, Traidcraft 2010, 9 minutes
  • “Bringing Quality to Life” Café Direct 3 minutes
  • “Are you a Fairtrade School? – All you need to know – by the Fairtrade Foundation

Our Youtube videos

Fairtrade at St Michaels – Find out all about fairtrade and the shop here

You-tube videos from suppliers worth a look:


Available to loan. Including…

  • The Under Cover Economist – Tim Harford
  • 50 Reasons to Buy Fairtrade – Miles Litvinoff and John Madeley 2007
  • Markets, Fairtrade and the Kingdom of God – EP Johnson and Chris Sugden 2001
  • The great cotton stitch-up – Fairtrade Foundation November 2010
  • Impacts of fairtrade in South Africa – Fairtrade Foundation June 2010
  • It’s Not Fair – A Handbook on World Development for Youth Groups – Christian Aid
  • Just Trade. A Fairtrade Resource Book for Youth Leaders and Teachers – Traidcraft Exchange


We may be able to find you one for your event. Contact Jo Cifford at the shop.

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