How Fairtrade Farmers are saving the planet

Fairtrade Farming and Climate Resilience

Many of us are very aware of the Climate Crisis that we are living through, but how many of us stop to think about how it will affect the food that we take for granted?

Fairtrade stands for climate justice

Climate change hits those in low income countries the hardest, increasingly extreme, unpredictable weather is destroying bananas, coffee, cocoa and other crops. That means farmers and workers who are already underpaid have even less to spend on essentials such as education, medical treatment and even food.

By 2050:

  • The area of land suitable for growing coffee globally could be down by 50%
  • Parts of Ghana and Cote d’Ivorie will be too hot to grow cocoa
  • Banana yields will fall drastically in 10 countries including India, Brazil and Columbia. (Source: Fairtrade Foundation)

So what can we do about this? Through supporting Fairtarde farmers, you are enabling them to build up climate resilience. Read on to find out more.


Medjoul dates on a patterned plate

Fairtrade makes olive farming more viable in Palestine. As the impact of climate change grows, the assurance of a fair price for their produce means farmers can afford additional resources and access the knowledge they need to mitigate damage to their crops caused by drought, winds and high heat.

Purchasing additional water is expensive for Palestinians, but the support that Fairtrade brings to his livelihood means that farmers can afford it. It also enables them to hire additional workers to carry out regenerative farming practices such as mulching and feeding the trees with organic manure, to keep more moisture in the soil. Read the full article on the Fairtrade Foundation website by clicking here

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Climate change is already being experienced in Malawi. The country has seen increased warming, with some districts reporting average temperatures as high as 40oC. The nation has also experienced greater intense rainfall, leading to floods and droughts over the last decade.

Agroforestry is an agricultural system that combines trees with crops and livestock in and around farmland. In climate-smart macadamia agroforestry, the main crop is macadamia trees, and secondary crops are either cereals or legumes intercropped within the tree rows, combined with the keeping of livestock (a common scenario among rural communities in Malawi). 

Climate-smart macadamia agroforestry systems are particularly important to Malawi because  they allow smallholders who have little land available to them to maximize their resources. Moreover, agroforestry has been identified as one of the viable options for tackling the challenges posed by climate change.

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To stand in solidarity with coffee farmers in Honduras, in summer 2020, Traidcraft sold a piece of Easter egg artwork they designed, gaining €660 in the process. Using this money, they teamed up with Roasters United and the coffee farmers of the COMBRIFOL co-operative (Cooperativa Mixta Regional Brisas de la Frontera Limitada) to work together to make sure the community had enough food, and also seeds – prioritising single mothers and their children. The support won’t stop there either. The co-operative is setting up a nursery to raise seedlings, which means they will be able to grow their own fruit and vegetables into the future building resilience in the face of challenges life throws at them.  Read the full article on the Fairtrade Foundation website by clicking here

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And finally, here are five reasons why choosing Fairtrade supports farmers to adapt to a changing climate. Find out more here

In short – supporting Fairtrade is good news the planet. Let’s do our bit by buying Fairtrade!

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