How to have a Planet Friendly Christmas

Our top tips to reduce waste and shop ethically for Christmas!

Do I really need it?

Shocking Fact: Every Christmas, the amount of waste produced in the UK goes up by 30%. The UK will throw out approximately 500 tonnes of fairy lights each year. (Read all the facts & figures)

When looking to update seasonal decorations and home ware, buy only what you really need. And if you decide that you need to buy more – add to your collection rather than buying a completely new set. Embrace the eclectic and mismatch charm! Please remember to shop small and support local businesses on your high street.

2. Zero-waste gifts

Encourage planet friendly living by giving plastic-free and reusable alternatives to single use products. Be the one to motivate friends, family & colleagues into living more sustainably. And don’t stop there – keep the conversation going! Here are some really useful tips to inspire friends to go Zero-waste.

3. Consumable gifts are zero-waste, too!

Share them with your friends & family. enjoy the experience and create good memories. Food always taste better when eaten in good company. Check out our range of food & drink gifts here

4. Use recycled sari wraps instead of gift wrap

Shocking fact: The amount of wrapping paper thrown away at Christmas in the UK alone would stretch to the moon, according to estimates by recycling advisors WRAP.

These can be reused again & again! Knot Wraps are a ‘gift within a gift’ as they can also be worn around your neck or as a hair accessory. Once you’ve got the knack of tying wraps, they are super fast & easy to do! No messing around with trying to find the end of the sticky tape.

5. Go Vegetarian or Vegan

Shocking Fact: Animal agriculture causes 18% of all greenhouse gasses.

The easiest and tastiest way to be planet-friendly this Christmas is to eat a plant-based diet. If going full vegetarian or vegan sounds daunting, just try to reduce how much meat you consume each week. Why not try out Meat Free Mondays? Chocolate lovers – don’t despair – we have a huge range of vegan dark chocolate and milk chocolate alternatives.

6. Support Fairtrade!

Buying food & cotton products that are Fairtrade certified means that farmers are able to invest in smart agriculture which helps them adapt to climate change. There is no denying that communities living in the Global South are experiencing the effects of climate change right now, but through buying Fairtrade gives them that extra income to face the climate challenges. Read more about how supporting Fairtrade and climate change.

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