What does Fairtrade mean to you?

We really do have the best customers! Thank you to food blogger Puja aka Ravenous_Leo_ for sharing your wonderful words about our shop.

For me –
🌼Its in the word ‘Fairtrade’ i.e. ‘Fair’-‘Trade’.
🌼Its about equality. Equality in terms of gender, wage, opportunities, status, hardwork.
🌼Its about justice. Justice to those hardworking farmers, labourers, wagers.
🌼Its about opportunity. Opportunity to those small businesses, independent outlets, struggling individuals.
🌼 Its about fairness. Bringing fairness between giver and taker, producer and buyer, supplier and demand-er.
🌼 Its more than just a word, shop, business.

Our shop!

I am glad we have such a thoughtful place in #oxford and we need more of it. They bring the hardwork and talent from all over the world under one roof which is challenging but they are doing it from last 18 years. Hats off!
You are bringing fairness to this world!

Thank you Puja! You can follow her foodie adventures as she eats her way around Oxford on Instagram Ravenous_Leo_

Puja visiting our shop

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