Winter Warmers

Cosy-up this lockdown with our staff’s Winter Warmers. Schedule in some self-care this January and be kind to yourself.

Feng: Homemade soup is so simple to make and fills the house with delicious warming aromas. Animal shaped bread rolls – like this octopus, is totally optional, but is great fun for the kids. Serve up in your favourite ceramics and enjoy!

Jo: I have to admit that mulled wine has greatly cheered up the last few months for me, and warmed the cockles, with some added bits of orange floating around for extra vitamin C content! Highly recommended to see us through the rest of this tricky and trying winter.

Clare: I wouldn’t dream of going out in this bitter winter weather without my Black yak hat from Nepal and Cool trade winds scarf from India. And knowing they’re fairly traded adds a whole extra layer of warmth!

Pauline: I love the Seed & Bean chocolate range, especially Organic rich milk chocolate with Sea Salt & Tropical Lime. I am not sure this counts as ”Winter Warmer” but for me chocolate is comforting all year round!

Daniella: I have Equal Exchange cocoa for making hot chocolate with. I like adding Suma Fairtrade Cinnamon to the milk and the Mexican honey to sweeten it.

Trio: My colleagues will tell you that I am Queen of the Nap – any time is a good time (as long as I’m not working in the shop!). Essential wear for this activity are the Nepalese slipper socks for toasty warm tootsies day or night. Mine are looking rather the worse for wear but I did buy them from the shop when I started volunteering a good few years ago. Maybe it’s time to get some more? we still have some in the shop. They are, after all, top lockdown fashion.

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