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Temporary shop closure during coronavirus epidemic


We have very reluctantly taken the decision to close Fairtrade at St Michaels at the end of the day today (Thursday 19th). Please do make the most of this last-minute opportunity, if you can, to stock up on Easter eggs and other essentials!

We deeply regret the inconvenience to shoppers and the loss of trade for our suppliers. But our first responsibility has to be the health of our staff, volunteers and customers - and through them, the wider community. We cannot risk contributing to the speed with which the coronavirus is spreading, or the burden it is going to place on our health service.

Meanwhile we are exploring various plans for setting up a limited home delivery service. Our brilliant staff are already coming up with all sorts of enterprising schemes, but it will take a little while to fine-tune the logistics. We will be posting updates on social media and on the shop website, so do please keep an eye out for these.

You can be assured that our enthusiasm for fair trade is burning as brightly as ever! - and Fairtrade at St Michaels will be up and running again at the first possible opportunity. Till then, thank you for your ongoing support and we wish you all a safe passage through these stormy times.

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